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This Is What You Should Know About Your Dryer Vent Houston Transition Hose

It may seem a tiny part of your whole dryer vent system but a transition hose or transition duct is critical component. Numerous and dangerous problems may arise if improperly installed or poor standard products are applied. First off, a dryer vent Houston transition hose is a short portion of a dryer vent that connects your dryer to that vent line that runs through your wall to outside your home or business.

Transition Hoses and Building Structure Codes

According to section M1502 of the clothes Dryer Exhaust guidelines of the International Residential Code, transition ducts must not be concealed within constructions. It further states that flexible transition ducts used in connection of dryers and exhaust duct systems must be limited to eight feet. They shall also be labelled and listed in accordance with UL 2158A.

Challenges Arising From Common Flexible Transition Ducts

(a) Lint Traps

Undulations that arise through wrapping foil over spiral rings, lead to numerous spots for lint from your dryer that gets past your lint trap, to accumulate inside your transition duct. Tiny pieces are bound to eventually slip past your lint trap. This is despite cleaning it each time you do a laundry load.

(b) Extremely Flammable

The biggest challenge with transition hoses centers on their flammability. Those flexible and shiny hoses, resembling a slinky, and with thin covering similar to foil, are the worst. Not only will lint accumulate within their nooks and crannies, arising from metal spirals of such hoses, but also, once a lint clog ignites, an entire hose would go up in flames in an instant.

Yet another popular variety is the transition hose covered in white vinyl, which is also quite flammable. Fortunately, these have not been marketed for some time. However, some homes and businesses still have them installed.

(c) Crush Easily

A flexible transition hose makes installation easy. However, it also enhances risks that it will be crushed at some point in time. This would involve someone simply pushing your dryer too far towards your wall.

Your dryer’s vibrations backwards would eventually crush the hose too.

Once your hose is pinched, exhaust flow from your dryer gets obstructed. With this impeding of exhaust flow, heat builds up within the hose. With the simultaneous trapping of lint within the hose, this becomes a ripe recipe for a fire.

Transition Hose Houston

Identifying the Safest Dryer Transition Duct

A proficient Houston transition hose specialist will give you two options. These will mostly depend on the distance between where your transition hose connects to your main exhaust venting line and your dryer.

One of the options shall most likely be a semi-rigid aluminum duct. The other will most probably be a fire resistant aluminum ribbon transition vent. An aluminum ribbon transition duct looks like a mylar-coated shine foil hose that easily busts up into flames. However, this duct comes with fire resistant UL rating. It brings the flexibility associated with foil hoses. It is therefore easy to install.

It has air flow efficiency usually associated with a semi-rigid duct and most important, it is resistant to crushing.

A semi-rigid hose, on the other hand, functions best on the rare occasions where there is a straight run between your main vent line and your dryer. However, it can be crushed easily should you push your dryer against it. It also comes off the exhaust port in your dryer when subjected to numerous bends.

Check your Transition Hose Now

Before you can load another load of clothing into your dryer, take a close look behind your dryer. Use a flashlight if you have to. Gently pull your dryer away from the wall so that you can peek behind it.

Your objective is to ensure your transition duct is actually connected to the dryer and its vent line into your wall. Also ensure it is not crushed by your dryer while pushing against it. Finally, should you have a foil-wrapped, shiny transition hose, or the one with white, vinyl enclosing your hose, it is critical that you make a replacement with haste. Your health and that of your family or patrons depend on it.

The best option would be to call in your chosen Houston transition hose replacement specialist to undertake the operation for you. In addition, they will undertake a dryer vent cleaning besides other critical tasks.

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