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Houston Side-Termination Hoods And Why You Need Them

You might view dryer vent side-termination hoods as cosmetic and frivolous. However, they form a critical component of the dryer vent system in your home or business. Three of the most important reasons why your home needs Houston side-termination hoods include the following:

Birds and rodents

If your dryer vent does not have a good cover, that is an open invitation for an assortment of rodents to enter your home. Without an appropriate hood and cover, squirrels and mice will easily invade your residence. Birds too love putting up their nests within dryer vents.

Saving Your Energy Bills

Once you have installed an efficient dryer vent hood, you will make savings in energy costs. This is through enhancing efficiency in your dryer vent functions while lowering cooling and heating costs.

Elements From The Outside

Air from outside your home will easily enter your home or business through your open dryer vent. The result is that you will have to spend more to cover your cooling or heating bills. In addition, you allow snow and rain into your home.

To stop this, you need to have installed a dryer vent cover and one that has a seal. Many types of hoods come with interior flaps that serve as seals. These open when your dryer pushes out moist, warm air. They then close, preventing outside air from entering into your residence.

Issues Arising With Dryer Vent Hood Installation

  • Things get somewhat complicated when installation of vents from dryers, bathroom fans and range hoods. This is because it is critical to direct dirty and moist discharged air away from your home such that it does not get drawn back inside.
  • Such a situation calls for a vent cap with a hood. It will deflect air away from the eaves on your home or business.
  • A cap of this nature needs to have a flap or damper that seals tightly whenever you are not using your dryer. It needs to open freely, however, whenever airflow is needed, particularly when you are using your drier.
  • Single piece options made of plastic have vast improvements on leaky dampers while extra hardware found in metal versions helps in improving air extraction efficiency. This is through a reduction in heat loss once they are installed.
  • Screens, once incorporated in single piece plastic designs, tend to help in keeping away varmints. Remember however that screens need to be avoided on dryer vents that tend to clog with lint.
  • Vending ducts to your outdoors on the underside of a concrete slab calls for lower profile vent hoods. Wide and long openings still allow lots of air to pass through. This is without requiring to regularly clean your slab vent covers made of metal.

It becomes clear with the above issues that professional a Houston side-termination hoods installation is critical to get it right. Such a professional firm will replace roof-terminating hoods whose installation or specifics violate stipulated codes.

As a home or business owner, it is important to be aware that less professional home builders or roofers have notoriety for wrong hood type installation on dryer vents. Building codes in Texas require professionals to install hoods that have no screens but with back draft dampers.

Options Provided By Professional Houston Side-Termination Hoods Specialists

When picking an appropriate spot to place your dryer exhaust vent, a Houston side-termination hoods installation professional will give you the most convenient solutions. The eaves of your roof may help in hiding your install vent cap. They would also play an important role in appropriate attic ventilation.

However, it is important for your home or business dryer vent installation expert to consider the purpose of a vent. This is prior to making a decision regarding which cap fits a specific purpose. An important application for dryer vents is to enhance air circulation around your home. Working together with your ridge and roof vents, air is drawn in through soffits and exhausted near the peaks of your roof.

Such an airflow helps in stopping rot and mildew through preventing moisture from getting trapped.

In addition, it will assist in keeping your home or business premises cooler during hot summers. This is while reducing likelihood of icy jams during cold winters. Vent hoods may be quite simple but they must have a screen that prevents animals or birds from climbing into your premises. Furthermore, a design that features a removable screen brings significant advantages in regards to making future cleaning operations much easier.

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