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What A Good Houston Reroute Dryer Vent Service Provider Should Do

Do you know how long your dryer vent line needs to be? It should be as short possible. A long dryer vent line, with several bends, reduces air flow to a point where exhausted air does not reach the exhaust vent. A good Houston reroute dryer firm will recommend the best route to fix this.

What Occurs When Your Dryer Vent Exhaust Won’t Exhaust?

Your clothing dryer must have an excellent airflow to function properly. With the vent line being too long, your dryer’s exhaust ends up stuck inside the vent line. The result is that you will notice your clothing take longer to dry. The exterior of your dryer also gets too hot. In addition, there will be moisture all over your home or business. This moisture will appear in the form of condensation on your ceiling and windows. As time goes by, this moisture encourages mold growth on your ceiling and walls.

Even worse is bound to happen should you own a gas dryer. Carbon monoxide that remains un-exhausted from your dryer vent line backs up and infiltrates your laundry. You will not be able to detect the infiltration of carbon monoxide into your home because it is not scented like natural gas.

Reroute Dryer Vent Houston

What Challenges Lead To Poor Dryer Vent Routing?

(a) Location

Where your dryer is located has a key role to play in regard to your safety and its efficiency. In an ideal situation, your dryer should be on an exterior wall. This is to avoid a long run through your dryer vent.

With this in mind, the modern trend where dryers are located in the middle of homes or businesses leads to long vent lines. They also have too many turns and elbow joints. The result is enhanced link clog risks and reduced airflow.

Should it be not possible to shorten your vent line, a good Houston reroute dryer specialist will recommend an in-line boosting fan. This will ensure your dryer exhaust makes it through the entire route to your exhaust vent outside your home or business.

(b) Exhaust Into Inhabited Locations

Yet another common challenge arises when your dryer vent line exhausts into your garage, attic or any other location inside your home or business.

With this type of exhausting, heated air from your dryer exhaust causes formation of condensation, even within your basement. The result is mold growing uncontrollably.

Particularly bad would be exhaust blowing into your crawl space or attic where no one can easily detects what is going on. This is until mold development becomes so bad that you need a remediation firm to remove mold from your home and replace damaged wood.

Of great danger would be your gas dryer venting into your living space. Dryer exhaust has carbon monoxide which must be exhausted outdoors. Otherwise, your family or business patrons will be in danger arising from carbon monoxide poisoning.

What are Proper Dryer Vent Rerouting Benefits?

Is your dryer vent correctly routed? You probably do not lose sleep over questions like that. With the dangers arising from poorly routed vents, you should be really concerned however.

Benefits that arise from an appropriate re-routing include:

  • Numerous home fires have arisen from dryer vent link clogs or poor vent line routing. Such fires can be easily averted with proper inspection, cleaning, and re-routing of poorly installed vent lines.
  • A good Houston reroute dryer service provider will ensure your dryer vent system goes through an appropriate route. They will ensure this route takes the shortest distance between your drier and an exhaust vent.
  • In the process of servicing your dryer vent system, service technicians from a good Houston reroute dryer firm will replace sub-standard duct work. In its place, they will place rigid metal venting complying with current and requisite building code standards. This leads to safer dryer functions.
  • When damp, hot air from your dryer is poorly exhausted, it remains within your dryer. This leads to poor clothe drying and running two or more cycles for your clothes to come out dry. A Houston reroute dryer specialist will ensure this goes away.
  • A properly routed dryer vent means you will not have to run your dryer as long. This means you will make savings on your energy costs. Furthermore, your dryer will suffer much lower wear and tear, giving you a longer service life.

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