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What kind of services do you provide?

Are you a resident of Houston, Texas and in dire need of dryer vent cleaning and other cleaning services? We at Texas Pros Dryer Vent Cleaning are your number one choice for dryer vent cleaning services in addition to providing you other cleaning needs to your satisfaction. Besides ensuring that we clean your dryer vent and leave it spotlessly clean, we can also handle carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning, kitchen hood cleaning, HVAC / air duct cleaning, and boiler cleaning. That’s not all. Are you in need of fire damage restoration services or mold remediation and insulation removal? Look no further. For over a decade, we have been offering such services to residents of Houston, Texas with pride and passion. If you are in need of cleaning services that go beyond dryer vent cleaning, choose Texas Pros Dryer Vent Cleaning for quality services at the industry’s most competitive rates.

Is there any connection between my dryer failing to heat up and a clogged vent?

Most definitely! Since your vent seems to have developed some sort of blockage, you will have a situation where the air that is supposed to exit your dryer fails to do so in the right manner and dumps it to the outside. The temperature sensor in the dryer is sensing that there is a problem and kicks the electric or gas heat off. Here, the temperature sensor is doing what it was designed to do, and that is preventing the occurrence of a fire. In the event that you operate your dryer for a couple of months with extended dry times, you will find the sensors will ultimately fail, a situation that prevents your dryer heating up properly as desired. So without going too far, there is a close-knit connection between your dryer failing to heat up and a clogged vent, an aspect that immediately necessitates dryer vent cleaning services.

Is there a need to call an appliance professional or the warranty service firm first?

Not immediately or too soon! On most occasions, appliance professionals/technicians will immediately charge you a certain amount in the name of a service call and when they make it to your premises, the first thing that they will possibly inquire from you is if you have ensured that your dryer vent gets cleaned on a regular basis. In fact, a majority of them will not look or attempt to inspect your dryer vent until you get your vent cleaned. In this case, it is advisable to seek the services of a dryer vent cleaner such as us first, and then think of an appliance technician if everything else fails. A simple clean up of your dryer vent may restore everything back to normal and save you extra costs of your hard-earned cash that appliance professionals will charge you.

What test can I do to determine whether the problem is in the dryer or dryer vent before I call you for assistance?

The procedure is simple and quick than you can imagine. First, you need to pull the dryer out from the wall while disconnecting its hose from the duct attached to the wall. If you find that the dryer tends to dry your clothes a bit quicker, then the problem is definitely in your vent system that needs urgent cleaning. Of importance to note is that while performing such a test, it is imperative to ensure that the window or door of your laundry room is open so as to allow fresh air in. Again, such a test should not be performed using a gas dryer but an electric dryer only.

Why Texas Pros Dryer Vent Cleaning?

We are Houston Texas’ number one stop shop of a wide pool of clientele in need of dryer vent and other cleaning services. Besides, we are licensed and fully insured firm known for dryer vent, exclusively, from repairs, cleaning to installations. We have decades of experience coupled with positive client testimonials regarding the quality of services that we offer. We have managed to do thousands of cleaning since we opened for business and proudly boast of a wide pool of clientele that includes motels, hotels, Spas, property managers, Salons, and hundreds of homeowners. Texas Pros Dryer Vent Cleaning Houston TX have one of the most competitive prices in the industry and a team of highly responsive, polite, and courteous customer care attendants ready to answer all your dryer vent cleaning questions.

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