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Are you a resident of Houston, Texas and happening to be reading this article right now? Well, if this is the case, chances are that you are probably facing a number of problems with your dryer chief among them being the accumulation of lint in your dryer’s ducting or long drying time. You are not alone. A lot of residents residing in Houston, Texas face such problems too. Are you aware of some of the causes? If not, be aware that such problems are typically due to convoluted or long duct runs. In the event that there are excessive runs or duct lengths, the amount of air that gets extracted from the dryer is cut down, an aspect that leads to long drying time and lint accumulation.

In the event that you are experiencing the above scenario and much more, we advocate for the need to have a booster fan in place. Still, if you have a dryer duct run that exceeds 25 feet in length, you are the best candidate for having booster fan in place sooner rather than later if you want to reduce drying time and the accumulation of lint in your dryer vent. We at Texas Pros Dryer Vent Cleaning Houston TX most sought-after firm when it comes to offering expert advice in relation to booster fans and everything else related to them.

When do you need a booster fan?

Unlike other companies who may not be ready to offer you important information as to why you may need a booster fan, we have made it part of our business to offer such important information free of charge. Based on recommendations, local building codes, and surveys, a booster fan will be required when you have a duct length that has no bend but exceeds 25 feet or has one bend and a duct length of 20 feet. If your dryer has got two bends and a duct length of 15 feet, you are also a good candidate for acquiring a booster fan. With a booster fan, you’ll significantly cut your energy costs as your clothes will dry faster since your dryer vent will be running smoothly.

Booster Fan Services in Houston

How dryer booster fans work

Dryer booster fans assist in boosting airflow in the dryer duct. Such fans can be switched either via current sensing or a pressure switch. A pressure switch will sense pressure that’s in the dryer duct fan and allow it to freely flow to the fan. On the other hand, a current sensing relay works by sensing electricity that is flowing to the dryer and due to this, it allows power to flow all the way to the fan. Of importance to note is that there are tens of dryer booster fans to choose from. There are those that rely on pressure switch whereas there are those that rely on current relay. It all depends on the tastes and preferences of the user(s).

How to tell if your booster fan is working

Have you recently installed a booster fan in your dryer? But how do you tell whether it’s functioning or not? It’s simple. The first step is by removing the lint trap cover located below the booster fan. If you do this and see the black blades of the dryer, turn on the dryer and observe if the blades are spinning. Secondly, you may go ahead and simply listen keenly to the booster fan. If it’s in working condition, you should hear it starting. But if you fail to hear it starting, chances are that it is not working as desired or not working at all.

Other Services on Offer

We do not offer expert advice on booster fans only. Our service area spans far and wide to include other services and tasks such as:

  • Dryer Vent Cleaning – If you want your dryer vent cleaned and have it working like before, we have the personnel to do exactly that
  • Gutter Cleaning – We understand the frustrations that come with clogged gutters. We can help unclog your gutter under the shortest time possible.
  • Tile and Grout Cleaning – Do you want to “bring life” to your old looking tile and grout? We have the equipment to do that.

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